Transport liquefied petroleum gas tanks

We are proud that EBS (Energie Bedrijven Suriname) has chosen Kuldipsingh Equipment B.V. to transport and set up 12 enormous sections of 3 liquid gas storage tanks.

These tank parts have been transported from the new harbor (Nieuwe Haven) to their final destination, OGANE on the Bethesdaweg, Livorno.

OGANE is a part of ESB and is mainly concerned with the gas supply for all Suriname.  OGANE delivers services and products to private individuals, businesses and the government.

Due to the enormous size of the tank sections, the transportation took place after 22:00. This was to minimize obstruction to traffic. Each tank section weighs 30 tons, is 10.5 meters long and has a diameter of 4.4 meters. After the sections are loaded on a trailer, the total height is 5.8 meters.

The transport was escorted by the MSD (highway police) and EBS.

At OGANE our Grove all terrain crane (100 ton) placed the tank sections in a temporary storage area.

When the last six tank sections arrive, our Manitowoc crawler crane (120 ton) will position the tanks on their foundations.